We <3 Pilates

We believe feeling great in your body is life changing and the Classical Pilates method is where it starts. The method strengthens and increases flexibility with minimal repetitions of precise exercises that culminate in a full body workout. Pilates is practiced on several types of equipment with the overall goal of strengthening and aligning the entire body. It achieves balance and symmetry by building strength in the weak spots and stretching out the tight spots. The result: standing taller, feeling stronger, and moving more freely through life. Pilates is appropriate for individuals at all levels of fitness.

Meet Christina

Christina Pierson's passion for teaching comes from seeing bodies and lives change as a result of practicing Pilates, and students connecting with their bodies as they build strength and flexibility. She believes everyone should have the opportunity to feel strong and confident in their body. She specializes in tailoring training sessions to address the specific needs of each individual client. Christina works with people of all ages and fitness levels.

Christina holds a Pilates teacher certification from Power Pilates, a Hatha yoga teacher certification through Raghavan Daas and Scientific Yoga, she earned an advanced Pilates teaching certificate when she completed The Work with first generation teacher Jay Grimes and Vintage Pilates, and she currently practices Pilates under the guidance of Jay Grimes and Ken Krech. Christina earned a B.A. from UCLA and an M.F.A. from Claremont Graduate University.


What to Expect

Expect to be challenged and to feel great. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you can move in. Please avoid wearing clothing that’s excessively baggy. Pilates is practiced either barefoot or with socks. And, most importantly have fun!